Further to the publication of the Fair Work Commissions Decision in the National Wage Case last week, earlier this week the Commission released the DRAFT Determinations.  The Determinations are the instrument that the Commission uses to change the actual rates in the Awards.  The Determinations are in DRAFT mode because they are open for comment until 17:00 today 24.6.2022.  This means that they are subject to change, and they have changed regularly in the past…

ACAPMA Members have been provided with the DRAFT Guides, which will be finalised next week with the publication of the FINAL Determinations from the Fair Work Commission.

As the wage and allowance details in the DRAFT Guides are subject to change it is strongly suggested that these be used for members own internal planning only at this point, with communications to staff to be held off until the FINAL Determinations are released (anticipated on 28.6.2022) at which point ACAPMA will circulate the FINAL ACAPMA Wage Guides, along with the 2022-2023 Letter of Offer, Confirmation of Employment and Salary/IFA Modelling Guides that combine to provide guidance and templates for communicating to staff.

Can I get some help?

As always ACAPMA Members can gain access to further information or assistance with this or any other employment issue via employment@acapma.com.au


  • Clerks Private Sector Award 2020
  • Road Transport and Distribution Award 2020
  • Vehicle Repair Service and Retail Award 2020

 ACAPMA members are reminded that the ACAPMA Employment Professionals are available to assist with employment, safety and training compliance. For more information email employment@acapma.com.au

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Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM & IR)