Two electric vehicle charging stations could soon be installed at Mt Lawley’s Chelmsford Road carpark.

City of Vincent councillors will vote at a meeting next week to approve a licence to Fast Cities Australia Pty Ltd – trading as Evie Networks – for use of two council-owned car parking bays at the carpark, for installation of electric vehicle charging stations.

Evie Networks has proposed to install two fast 50 kilowatt chargers at no installation, purchase, maintenance or eventual removal cost to the city. It will set the company back more than $100,000.

The city currently operates one public charging station – a 7 kilowatt charger – at The Avenue car park in Leederville which takes up to eight hours to charge a car from empty to full.

A cty report said there have been multiple queries from residents and businesses over the past 12 months regarding the technology, with some requesting the city install them at specific locations or offering to host them.

Other queries were from individuals wanting to install private chargers on the verge next to their property.

“Local governments own land that is ideal for the location of public electric vehicle charging stations, specifically car parks in busy town centres,” the report said.

The report said after considering several city-owned carparks, the city decided Chelmsford Road carpark was the preferred location as it was in a town centre and safely accessible to the public with amenities and businesses nearby.

“Administration has worked with Evie Networks for the last 12 months, reviewing the location and proposed licence, and is supportive of the Licensee’s request,” the report said.

Extracted in full form: City of Vincent consider electric vehicle charging stations at Chelmsford Road car park | PerthNow