Cowra Shire Council has given the green light for a service station at the site currently occupied by all Service Motors in Lachlan Street.

Council considered the proposal at its June Ordinary meeting on June 27, giving approval despite a request from St Raphael’s Parish that it be refused.

“There’s been a lot of conversations and discussions about it,” mayor Bill West said.

“A lot of questions have been answered within the framework we operate and should function, it has been well assessed and fits the planning progress and rules and regulation.

“it’s certainly a significant change and a lot of work has been done on the (first) proposal.

“The overall result is something that is acceptable,” Cr West said.

The application was for a change of use for the site from commercial premises currently used by All Service Motors to a petrol station and shop.

The shop would operate Monday to Friday from 5.00am to 12.00am and on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays from 7.00am to 10.00pm.

Fuel will be available (pay at pump) 24 hours.

Cr Sharon D’elboux said the development had 55 conditions attached to it, thanks in part to community input.

“The proposed development cost is over one million dollars and it will employ three staff members,” Cr D’Elboux pointed out.

Amendments to the original development application submitted in 2020, she said, addressed community concerns.

Cr Paul Smith spoke against approval at the meeting stating he had “mixed thoughts”.

“The staff have put a lot of work into this and I commend them but we are elected by the people of Cowra to do what we think is right for the town.

“I don’t believe this is the right place.

“I believe we’ve been elected to make these judgements, listen to the recommendations and read the reports. I am not against service stations I hate to go against a development but this is just the wrong place, I believe, for this development.

Cr Nicki Kiss assured those who put submissions re the proposal had been listened to but added her role as a councillor was not to second guess the law but to ensure decisions made a legal, challenged and robust.

“While I envisage a slight increase in traffic congestion at the corner of Lachlan and Redfern Street it is considered within the acceptable limits by Transport NSW.

“While I understand many might not perceive it is in an ideal position it is acceptable under the regulation and has the potential to contribute to our town’s growth and prosperity,” cr Kiss said.

Cr Peter Wright said traffic problems in the area are ‘external to this DA’.

“None of feel really comfortable,” Cr Ruth Fagan.

“As proposed it finds under the planning,.

“It has been really well assessed, there is no reason for us to say no.

“Hopefully it will increase (petrol price) competition,” cr Fagan said.

Councillors Paul Smith and Peter Wright voted against the proposal.

Extracted in full from: Council gives go ahead to Lachlan Street petrol station development | Cowra Guardian | Cowra, NSW