Charging your electric car on road trips is one of the most frustrating problems facing owners.

Aussie TikTok user Suthocam recently highlighted how a simple trip from Canberra to Sydney and back can turn into an all day affair when you need to search for sparsely-located charging stations.

Several car makers including Stellantis, which owns Jeep, Fiat and Peugeot among others, may have the answer.

Stellantis has been testing “Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer” that allows electric cars to charge on the move, effectively giving them unlimited range.

It works by having a system of coils positioned under the road to transfer energy directly to electric vehicles without the need to stop at charging stations and refill the battery.

The company successfully tested its new Fiat 500 electric car on the purpose built Arena del Futuro (Arena of the Future) in Italy.

The test showed electric cars can successfully travel at highway speeds without using any energy from their batteries, instead only using energy captured from the road.

Stellantis says the tests also showed the measurements of the magnetic field used in the inductive road charging had no impact on the driver or passengers.

The company also said there are no exposed cables, which makes it safe to walk on.

Stellantis found that the road charging was just as efficient as a fast charging station, but also had several advantages over the static infrastructure.

Inductive road charging uses cheaper aluminium cables, which are easier to recycle and cost much less than copper.

Anne-Lise Richard, head of global e-mobility business unit, Stellantis says: “Working with this incredible group of partners, we have proven that inductive recharging technology can power our electrified future.

Toyota is another brand that is investigating wireless charging. The Japanese giant believes it could also make electric cars cheaper as they no longer require large and very expensive batteries. This would also make them much lighter and more efficient at the same time.

Extracted in full from: Genius solution to frustrating electric car charging problem | — Australia’s leading news site