Perth drivers are being urged to fill up fast to beat an eye-watering jump in fuel prices, with some retailers set to charge $2.40 a litre for regular unleaded.

FuelWatch says the average price will rise by 26 cents per litre to $2.234/l from 6am on Wednesday.

“After today it is likely motorists will have to wait for two weeks before petrol prices are again at the bottom of the price cycle,” the Consumer Protection division said.

The most expensive regular unleaded will be found at Coles Express, which is hiking prices by up to 44 cents per litre to $2.399/l.

Drivers will pay up to $2.389/l at BP, as much as $2.359/l at Ampol and up to $2.299/l at Caltex Woolworths and 7-Eleven.

Puma won’t be far behind at up to $2.297/l followed by Vibe at as much as $2.295/l.

Motorists are urged to check the FuelWatch website, where 41 individual sites are still offering prices below $1.96/l.

“Buying fuel from the cheapest site rather than the most expensive, a difference of 47 cents per litre, means motorists can potentially save $28 on a 60-litre tank,” it said.

The bowser pain comes after crude oil prices rose amid further disruptions to supply.

In Ecuador, oil production could be halted completely within 48 hours if road blocks and vandalising of oil wells by anti-government protesters continue, Brian Martin and Daniel Hynes of ANZ Research said.

The protests have been going on since June 13, slashing output by more than 50 per cent.

A meeting of the OPEC+ alliance on Thursday will discuss production increases.

But an open mic at the G7 summit caught French President Emmanuel Macron telling US President Joe Biden that the UAE and Saudi Arabia were almost at their oil output limits, StoneX senior market analyst Tony Sycamore said.

In September, Australian motorists will again start paying 44 cents per litre fuel excise after a six-month halving by the former federal Government comes to an end.