Separate plans have been lodged that could be the catalyst for key industrial development in the coast’s long forgotten north.

George and Julie Caruana, who founded home grown tour bus company Coastal Liner Coaches before selling it in 2018, have lodged $12.76 million plans to transform a largely vacant site adjacent to their former bus depot.

Under the development application (DA) the site at the corner of Mountain and Sparks roads would feature 17 industrial warehouse units, a 24-hour car wash, 50-seat fast food restaurant and drive through, service station and associated convenience store.

The land at 157-163 Sparks Rd includes two lots with the Coastal Liner Coaches bus depot to remain on the eastern side of the property with the development contained to the north eastern corner with two-way entry via Mountain Rd and left-in, left out access via Sparks Rd.

The industrial units would be built from tilt concrete panels and feature a mezzanine level, height of 8.25m and internal loading areas.

The 17 warehouses will have 77 dedicated parking spaces, separate from the 86 spaces set aside for the service station, fast food outlet and the self-serve car wash, which would operate 24-hours a day.

The site at 157-163 Sparks Rd, Halloran, which would house the new industrial warehouses, services station, car wash and fast food outlet. Picture: supplied

The DA states the tenants and operating details of the car wash, fast food restaurant and service station, which would feature four bowsers and two 220,000L fuel storage tanks, would be the “subject of a future use application”.

The proposed development is estimated to have a capital investment value of $12,756,000 and as such can be determined by Central Coast Council or the Local Planning Panel.

“The proposed service centre and industrial warehouse development will complement the WEZ strategy and has been designed as a gateway site for the remaining industrial lands,” the DA states.

“The proposed use encourages a variety of employment opportunities and supports development for local industrial business. The development will stimulate the local economy and provide additional employment opportunities during and after construction.”

The existing property at 163 Sparks Rd, Halloran, which would be demolished to make way for the new industrial warehouses, services station, car wash and fast food outlet. Picture: supplied

The site is not currently serviced with water and sewer infrastructure with plans to tap into a sewer pumping station being built as part of a 47-lot subdivision currently before council at 143 Sparks Rd.

The proponent of that development, the Stevens Group, has lodged staged plans to divide the land and construct roads, earth works and connect storm water, sewer, water and electricity.

Artist’s impression of the proposed industrial warehouses, service station, car wash and fast food outlet at Sparks Rd, Halloran. Picture: supplied

“The proposed 47 lot industrial subdivision will facilitate the establishment of an industrial precinct within the identified Wyong Employment Zone and will facilitate the establishment of light industrial lots of various sizes for a range of users in accordance with the Central Coast Regional Plan,” the subdivision DA states.

“The development will create employment opportunities during both the construction and operational phase of the development and will have a positive social and economic impact on both the locality and the region.”

Extracted in full from: Sparks Rd: Plans lodged for $12.7M industrial warehouse, service station, fast food and car wash at Halloran | Daily Telegraph