Security footage has captured the moment a 12-year-old boy allegedly robbed a petrol station at gunpoint, and he told police it wasn’t for the money.

Security footage has captured the strangely calm way a 12-year-old boy has allegedly robbed an American petrol station at gunpoint.

The video, dated the afternoon of June 1, showed the boy waiting with a backpack while another man was served by a worker.

When it was the boy’s turn, he pulled out a gun and said, “Put the money in the bag.”

The worker could be heard asking “what?” and the boy repeated his demand, putting the bag on the counter.

“Are you serious?” she asked.

The boy then pointed the gun at the roof and appeared to fire a shot.

The worker then handed a blue pouch over and told the boy to “get out”.

According to local media, police said the boy walked out of the Michigan petrol station in Hartford with $US5000 but was arrested just a few blocks away.

Hartford Police lieutenant Michael Prince said the boy had talked about committing an armed robbery at school earlier that day to a classmate, but the other student didn’t think he was serious, WWMT reported on Friday.

“He asked another student which gas station had the least security and he allegedly came up with the Marathon,” Lt Prince said, referring to the name of the petrol station.

Police said the boy got the weapon from his father’s locked gun safe and they believed he was able to get the code because there was no sign of forced entry.

The boy allegedly told police he didn’t rob the petrol station for the money, WWMT reported on Thursday.

“He pretty much did not lie about anything,” Lt Prince said.

“He will not give us his exact reason. He said it wasn’t for the money. But he would not tell us. It was recorded on high-definition, three different cameras at the business. I just don’t know what was going on in this young guy’s mind.”

Lt Prince said it was concerning how the boy had obtained the gun and the father had learned a valuable lesson to secure the firearm even better.

“It’s very concerning: the school shootings that we’re seeing every day, the violence we’re seeing in churches,” Lt Prince said.

He said at no point were children at the school in danger as the boy got the gun after school.

The boy faces six charges, including armed robbery, assault with a dangerous weapon, discharge of a firearm in a building and three counts of felony firearm.

The issue of gun control in the US has made international headlines recently.

The debate was reignited after a mass shooting at a Texas elementary school in Uvalde on May 24, where an 18-year-old shot and killed 19 young children and two teachers.

Just 10 days before, another 18-year-old had shot and killed 10 people in a supermarket in Buffalo, New York.

This week, a 45-year-old shot and killed four people at a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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