Petrol prices varied by more than 20 cents per litre at Warrnambool service stations on Wednesday.

The Standard recorded prices varying from 196.9 cents per litre to 220 cents per litre.

In April, the price dropped by more than 25 cents a litre to 173.9 cents per litre.

But the prices have crept back up, despite the halving of the fuel excise months ago.

RACV’s head of media and communications Eleanor Colonico said the majority of unleaded fuel was currently being sold across the state at a variety of prices, most ranging between 199.7 and 224.9 cents per litre.

“In Warrnambool, the majority of outlets are selling between 199.3 and 204.2 cents per litre for unleaded fuel, which is cheaper than metro areas,” Ms Colonico said.

“A few outlets are selling between 219.3 and 224.2 cents per litre – consistent with the rest of the state.

“The average fuel price trend in Melbourne has been relatively consistent over the last week and while there has been a slight increase in prices since yesterday it is still currently cheaper than it was last Wednesday (214.3 cents per litre on June 15).