The low price of petrol at a Costco service station in Sydney has stunned motorists once again and prompted them to line up and get their money’s worth.

On Wednesday, one person noticed Costco in Marsden Park, in northwest Sydney, had E10 unleaded listed for 168.7 cents per litre, premium unleaded for 188.7 and diesel for 208.7. The Costco Casula store also had fuel for the same price on Thursday.

“Thank you Costco,” the person said on Facebook, in a group dedicated to the Costco at Marsden Park.

“On my way, thank you,” one person said in the comments and someone else said they were in the queue.

Costco is able to sell fuel for a relatively cheap price due to it having a membership-only system with an annual fee of $60 per person.

In 2020, a driver purchasing 50 litres of unleaded petrol a week at Costco could save more than $500 a year, The West Australian said.

Customers also pay at the pump, rather than going inside to pay an attendant, which also helps the bulk supply retailer keep prices down.

Across Australia, there are nine Costco fuel stations, two in Sydney, two in Melbourne, two in Brisbane and one each in Canberra, Perth and Adelaide.

According to the NSW Government’s Fuel Check, the price had not changed as of 12pm on Thursday.

The Costco at Marsden Park had some of the cheapest petrol in Sydney on Thursday. Source: Google Maps

Cheapest petrol prices in Australian major cities

Costco’s Adelaide petrol station was selling unleaded petrol for 154.7 a litre on Thursday, appearing to be the cheapest fuel in the country.

While Costco’s prices are impressive, there are petrol stations offering cheaper petrol in Sydney.

On Thursday in Granville, Powerfuel and Speedway Granville have E10 at 165.5 and in Bexley, the BP and Metro Bexley has it listed for 164.9.

However, Costco in Epping, in Melbourne’s north, has some of the cheapest petrol in Melbourne with Petrol Spy reporting it as 178.9.

In Brisbane, you’ll be able to fill up for 175.9 at Mega Fuels Rocklea, or in the north of the city Costco North Lakes was selling E10 for 168.7 on Thursday afternoon. And outside Toowoomba at Cambooya Central Garage unleaded was selling at 170.3.

The Costco at Perth’s Airport seems to be the cheapest in Western Australia’s capital with fuel prices starting at 157.7.

A few petrol stations along the Great Eastern Highway in Ascot also have some of the cheapest prices in Perth.

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