After being moved by customers’ stories of not being able to afford school holiday outings due to cost of living pressures, a Tasmanian service station manager decided to lend a hand by selling unleaded at cost price.

Dawn Blyth, manager of the Ampol service station at Somerset, said she was “blown away” by the community’s response when she publicised on Friday she would be selling unleaded fuel for 183.9 cents per litre – “almost” cost price – until the end of school holidays.

“It’s been absolutely overwhelming, some people were travelling quite a distance (to fuel up),” Ms Blyth, a 14-year veteran of the service station, said.

Despite taking an extra large delivery in preparation for the cheap deal, Ms Blyth said the service station had sold out of unleaded by Sunday morning.

“We were double, three times as busy,” she said.

Ms Blyth said she was moved to do something for the community after hearing how people were struggling financially at the moment and how that impacted their ability to do fun things with their kids of the school holidays.

“We rely on our local community to support us so we decided we would like to give something back to them,” Ms Blyth said.

“It’s a very small community here, so we do look after each other.”

She said she “appreciated” her boss, the station’s owner, getting on board with the idea as well.

According to the Australian Institute of Petroleum, citing data from Motormouth, unleaded petrol cost an average of 212.4 cents a litre in Tasmania for the week ending on Sunday, with a weekly high of 219.5 cents a litre.

The federal government’s fuel excise is set to return to 44 cents a litre on September 30, promising more pain at the bowser, after it was temporarily halved on March 30.

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