Petrol stations are being greedy and charging more than they need to for diesel, the RAA says. It’s calling for outlets to slash prices at the bowser.

Diesel prices across Adelaide are unnecessarily high, a fuel expert has warned, sparking calls for a petrol station operators to slash prices at the bowser.

RAA fuel expert Mark Borlace using the history-making ultra-rapid charger at Keith.

RAA fuel expert Mark Borlace said despite the cost of wholesale diesel falling 41c/L in the past month, pump prices have only dropped 21c/L on average during the same period.

Mr Borlace said it wasn’t fair that the fall in crude oil costs weren’t flowing through, and the cost of diesel at the pump should be about 14c/L cheaper than what they are currently being advertised as.

“While there is a time lag – up to a week in regional SA – for wholesale costs to pass through to the pump, motorist should be enjoying cheaper prices now than they are, given the recent large drop in wholesale costs in the past four weeks,’’ he said.

“It’s time diesel drivers across the state reaped the rewards of cheaper wholesale costs when they fill up at the bowser.”

Petrol prices have dramatically fallen in Adelaide in the past month, from almost 240c/L for unleaded to 160c/L due to the drop in wholesale costs.

“Unlike petrol, however, there isn’t a large enough demand from motorists to drive the same fluctuating price cycle as experienced with petrol,’’ Mr Borlace said.

“But even without a pricing cycle, the cost of diesel at the pump should be about 14c per litre cheaper than motorists are now paying in both Adelaide and regional SA.’’

Latest RAA data shows the wholesale cost of diesel in Adelaide was 227.9c per litre on June 27 and the average pump price was 231.4c per litre.

On Thursday morning, diesel prices across Adelaide were predominantly above 200c/L, including up to 214c/L at On The Run Salisbury.

The cheapest diesel offer was at Costco Kilburn where it was advertised at 199c/L.

Unleaded prices were significantly cheaper, at around 150c/L across the city on Thursday.

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