Fuel prices for unleaded petrol have continued to decline for the 10th consecutive day, with the national capital city average now $2.16 per litre of 95RON unleaded, a figure not seen since 20 June 2022.

This sees the average for 91RON unleaded in the capitals drop below the important $2.00 mark, with 95RON a consistent $0.18 above the lower-octane option.

As of today, the national average (all states) for 91RON is $1.85. All octanes of unleaded fuel move in the same pricing pattern, so when 95RON drops, so does 91 and 98.

Diesel, however, is remaining high albeit not as comparatively high as it was, and also without the state-by-state disparity.

For example, 95RON in the capitals ranges from $2.13 in Adelaide to $2.37 in Perth (a $0.24 range), where diesel is between $2.29 in Perth and $2.42 in Hobart, a variation of only $0.13.

We have had 109 days under the 22.1-cent fuel excise cut with 73 days to go until that $0.22 rise heads straight to the pump price.