Fuel prices have dropped for the fourth day in a row, with the national average price of 95RON unleaded now $2.20 per litre, down from a high of $2.24 just a week ago.

All states reported a drop in pump prices, except for the Northern Territory which saw the previous high of $2.13 per litre step up even further to $2.14. We’ll See You in the NT indeed.

That said, NT prices are still lower than most other states, with just NSW also at $2.14 and Western Australia posting a nationwide lowest price of $2.08.

Motorists in the ACT are still paying the most, at $2.34 per litre, whereas residents of South Australia have seen the biggest change in price, with 95RON down from a high of $2.35 a week ago to $2.16 today – a drop of eight per cent.