GAC has shown off a hydrogen-powered people mover concept in China at its 2022 GAC Tech Day.

Dubbed the Space, this GAC concept car boasts a futuristic exterior, a lounge-like interior and autonomous driving capabilities.

Although we don’t know exactly what type of hydrogen drivetrain this concept car has, GAC did separately reveal a 1.5-litre hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engine at the event that’s claimed to consume 0.84kg of hydrogen per 100km.


GAC isn’t alone in revealing hydrogen-fuelled combustion engine concepts, with Toyota and Lexus debuting a 1.6-litre turbocharged three-cylinder engine in a Toyota GR Yaris concept, and a Yamaha-developed hydrogen-fuelled 5.0-litre V8 in the Lexus RC F.

In China, Great Wall Motor is rumoured to be introducing a new brand that will sell hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles.

The Space boasts a swooping silhouette, with a steeply raked front, short overhangs, and a body that ends abruptly with a Kammback tail that’s almost hexagonal in shape when viewed from behind.

Up front, this GAC Space concept has a humongous grille that’s almost full-width, much like other Chinese people movers like the Voyah Dreamer and Maxus G90.

However, the Space’s vertical grille elements can be illuminated, while its wheels have special caps that can display a light show.

There’s only one door for the rear passengers which is on the right-hand side and opens like a gull-wing door.

The roof is also said to be “inspired by anicent Chinese architecture” and there’s a disc-looking object at the front which is believed to be a radar or sensor that’s part of its Level 4 autonomous driving system.

This level of autonomy means the car defaults to driving itself and can drive in all road situations in which it was designed to operate.

The tailgate is split halfway and folds outwards like a clamshell to reveal a two-seater lounge seat that’s protected from the elements by the top half.

Inside the GAC Space concept is a full-width digital dashboard with a retractable yoke steering wheel, two armchair-like front seats and wooden accents everywhere.

These two front seats can pivot around to face the rear passengers, who sit on a curved booth seat. There’s also a small coffee table in the middle of the floor.

The gull-wing door panel is filled with imagery of mountains and rivers inspired by the Baiyun Mountain and Pearl River, which are famous landmarks of the Guangzhou province.

This GAC people mover concept car isn’t expected to go into production any time soon, but its design and technology will most likely inform the Chinese automaker’s future production vehicles.

Guangzhou Automobile Corporation (GAC) Group was founded in 1954 as a bus manufacturer and currently has a number off different spin-off brands including its all-electric GAC Aion brand.

GAC Group also manufactures cars under the Trumpchi brand and has joint ventures with Honda, Toyota, Jeep, and Mitsubishi, among others, in China.