Truck fires are a serious and preventable risk of transport operations.  They endanger lives, cause pollution and traffic chaos and often result in the destruction of the transport asset and its cargo.  EPA NSW has released a new set of resources to arm mechanics, maintenance staff and drivers with the tools they need to do their bit to prevent truck fires.

There are more than 200 truck fires in NSW each year, with most being completely preventable through regular inspection.  In response the EPA NSW truck fire inspectors have come together to create a new resource for fleet operators, workshop managers, mechanics and drivers, the Preventing Fires – Truck Inspection Manual.

“A truck fire is a concerning and serious hazard in transport operations that puts people, the community and the businesses assets and reputation at risk.  In transport operation that are moving dangerous goods, such as fuel transport, or moving goods onto DG sites, such as delivery of instore items to a retail fuel site, this risk is one that could have catastrophic impacts” explains ACAPMAs Elisha Radwanowski.

“This set of resources provides an excellent starting point to have conversations with in house mechanical and driving staff, as well as contractor or external mechanical and driving staff, to ensure all those in the truck maintenance and operation chain are not just aware of the risk, but alive to it, and responding appropriately” concludes Elisha.


Preventing Fires – Truck Inspection Manual

Preventing Fires – Guidance for Drivers

Precenting Fires – Checklist for Mechanics

EPA NSW DG Information

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Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR)