Queensland has cracked an automotive milestone, with 10,000 electric vehicles now registered in the state.

Transport Minister Mark Bailey made the announcement on Sunday, just weeks after a new $3000 rebate scheme took effect.

The milestone – double the figure of this time last year – came just seven months after Queensland’s more populous southern neighbour cracked the 10,000 mark.

“Back in 2017, we had 525 electric vehicles registered in Queensland, and here we stand a few years on with 10,161 – it’s a fantastic achievement,” Bailey said.

“Every day I’m talking to more and more Queenslanders driving electric vehicles, and they’re telling me they love driving them, whether it’s to and from work, to the shops or on their weekends away.”

The NSW government announced it had reached the 10,000 figure in December, after its $3000 rebate – capped to the first 25,000 new battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles sold for less than $68,750 – launched last September.

Queensland has budgeted $45 million for its rebate scheme, which opened this month for battery electric vehicles sold on or after May 16 for less than $58,000. Stamp duty is also lower than on conventional fuel vehicles.

Bailey also said the state was moving into the third phase of its so-called “electric super highway” plan to bring 24 charging stations to regional and rural locations.

“The first charging station to open as part of phase three will be at Kingaroy in August, while other stations, including Longreach, Cloncurry and Stanthorpe, will open in the coming months,” he said.

Within months, Brisbane motorists will also be the first in the country to be able to pull in to a service station and fill up their hydrogen-powered car, bus or truck.

Extracted in full from: Queensland cracks automotive milestone – 10,000 electric vehicles (brisbanetimes.com.au)