After a closure last week the M1 Princes Motorway at Mount Ousley, NSW will undergo a further partial closure, with two northbound lanes closed and only one open each night between the hours of 20:00-04:00 from Sunday 24 July to Wednesday 27 July 2022.

The closure is to allow for upgrades to the northbound lanes to be undertaken.  The upgrades are required as a result of the recent severe weather.

Details of partial closure

  • Location:  M1 Princes Motorway at Mount Ousley NSW from approximately 500 metres north from New Mount Pleasant Road, extending 1 kilometre
    • Southbound:  All 3 lanes open to traffic
    • Northbound:  2 lanes closed to all traffic, 1 lane open to traffic (including heavy vehicles up to 3.5m wide)
  • Date/Time:
    • Sunday 24 July 2022, from 20:00-04:00
    • Monday 25 July 2022, from 20:00-04:00
    • Tuesday 26 July 2022, from 20:00-04:00
    • Wednesday 27 July 2022, from 20:00-04:00
  • Alterations:
    • Speed limit of 40km/h will be in place during the partial closure

It should be noted that there will be no northbound access for heavy vehicles that are wider than 3.5 metres during the partial closures.

“Fuel transport operators are advised to plan around these partial closures, and the possibility that they may be extended in time as required as well as the likelihood of some level of queuing that may take some time to clear even after the partial closure is lifted each day” explains ACAPMAs Mark McKenzie.

ACAPMA is working closely with Transport for NSW and will provide further details to members as it becomes available.