People were stunned to see a Sydney petrol station offering a ‘happy hour’ for their customers.

Someone who happened to stop by the Metro Fuel in St Mary’s noticed the franchisee had a sign to notify customers of the news of cheaper petrol.

The sign said the petrol station has a happy hour from 9pm to 5am daily, which means the prices of Unleaded 91, E10, Premium 98 and Diesel are cut by 10 cents per litre.

The price cut is applicable to the regular daily price. At the time of publication E10 at Metro St Mary’s the price is 165.9 cents per litre at the time of publication, according to Fuel Check.

This means at 9pm, the price will hit 155.9 cents per litre.

A Metro Petroleum spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the decision to have the happy hour at the St Mary’s station was made by the franchisee.

He added this was likely done to help give back to the community and reward customers for being loyal.

The spokesperson added Metro Fuel tries to pass on the savings to customers when possible, especially in times when people are suffering due to high fuel prices.

In the comments of the post, which was shared in a popular Facebook group dedicated to discounts, people said their local Metro Fuel also offered happy hour.

One person said the station near them used to do it but then ownership changed hands.

However, not everyone was happy. One person said this was just “price gouging” and it would make sense for petrol prices to go down from 9pm to 5am, as less people are on the road.

On Tuesday afternoon it appeared the cheapest petrol in Sydney was in Granville.

Speedway South Granville, Speedway Granville and Powerfuel in Granville all have E10 for 157.5 cents per litre.

Extracted in full from: Sydney petrol station offers cheap prices during ‘happy hour’ (