A convoy of about 100 tip truck drivers have caused major traffic delays in Melbourne amid morning peak hour to try to send a message to the government about fuel costs.
The truck drivers were seen driving at speeds around 15km/h across the Westgate Freeway about 8.30am, with heavy traffic banked up behind them.
The protest drive is planned to end outside Victorian Parliament about 11am.
The truck drivers are believed to be workers tasked to government projects, including the Westgate Tunnel and rail projects, who are fed up with a lack of government response to rising fuel costs.
Victorian Tippers United Treasurer Ricky Woolcock, who is is driving one of the first trucks in the convoy, has told 3AW the government promised three month ago that they would help implement a fuel levy to cover the cost of living.
“Our fuel is up to 50 or 60 per cent of our costs, and they’ve stuck us out to dry so we’ve decided to come for a drive into the city to show them we need this done,” he told Neil Mitchell.

Truck drivers have taken to the Westgate Freeway in Melbourne to protest rising fuel costs. (Nine)
They’ve fixed our rate so we can’t gain any extra money back for the extra expenses.
“Most guys at the moment are lucky to make about $60 of profit a day.”
It is believed many truck drivers not involved in the convoy have opted not to attend work today.
Drivers have been advised to avoid the West Gate Freeway altogether, with delays expected into the late morning.