The Asia Pacific Fuel Industry Forum (APFI Forum) is being held in Adelaide from 5th to 7th of September 2022.  As part of the APFI Forum the Petroleum Contractors Sessions are delivering for fuel industry contractors, equipment and service suppliers with a focus on the key issues facing the sector.

“The Contractors Sessions will be hosted by Daryl Osborne, industry stalwart and ACAPMAs lead Contractor Trainer” explains ACAPMA CEO Mark McKenzie.

“It is really exciting to be delivering such a rich contractor focused set of sessions within the context of the broader APFI Forum” explains Mr Osborne.

“We are evolving the Contractors Sessions to be a platform for contractors, suppliers and associated businesses to come together to shape the quality and future directions of the industry whilst making long lasting and meaningful connections” adds Daryl.

Contractor Session 1 will explore the everchanging landscape of compliance, of contractor training and examine the process of becoming a preferred supplier.

“We will delve into what it means to be a duly qualified person, what influences the decision making processes of becoming a preferred supplier and how nationally recognised training plays a vital role in this” explains Daryl.

“This session will also explore how petroleum contractors can gain formal recognition of their current skills and develop new skills in the context of the release of the nationally accredited petroleum contractor skills and courses”  explains ACAPMAs RTO Manager Jill Angus.

“We understand that you all have these skills and experience in your areas of specialisation but how can you get recognition (RPL) when obtaining the new skill sets?  We will look at what is RPL and the best sorts of evidence to use to apply” concludes Jill.

Contractor Session 2 will turn the focus to future fuels and technologies and explore how the evolution of technology and the introduction of low to zero emission ‘green’ vehicles and fuel sources will impact the contractors in Australian fuel sector.

“We will review battery EV and hydrogen solutions used for fast charging on service stations, and how to pivot your business to minimise the impact on existing and new infrastructure, and what that means in terms of safety, compliance and the challenges that will be faced” explains Daryl.

Delegates can choose to attend just the Contractor Sessions, the APFI Forum Sessions or a mix of both and have the option to add on the networking events.

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