A big drop in fuel prices in Cairns like winning the lottery for motorists with one revealing she previously stopped fuelling her car fully to pay for other necessities. Will prices stay low?

Prices around Cairns on Monday were up to 16 cents per litre cheaper than RACQ’s fair fuel price finder, a bargain that Cairns North resident Josephine Baragud was quick to grasp.

“I did notice it was cheaper,” she said.

“It usually costs more than $100 to fuel our car, but today it was more like $85.”

Ms Baragud said recent price hikes put unbearable pressure on her budget. She’s even considered leaving the car at home and finding cheaper transportation to her Cairns City job.

“I couldn’t afford to fuel my car up fully because of rent, electricity and food prices,” she said.

“Food prices have gone up. Fresh veggies are costing us a lot.

“I’m considering using public transport now. The bus is way cheaper than fuel.”

Fuel prices in Cairns have finally dropped with the recent plunge of global oil prices, having stubbornly resisted the tether for some time.

But the relief will be temporary as reinstallation of the national fuel excise, after the Morrison government’s 50 per cent cut in March, is due on September 28, which will instantly drive prices back up by 22.1 cents per litre.

A recent reader poll by News Corp Australia revealed 72 per cent of respondents wanted to see the excise cut extended. Despite this, Australia’s treasurer Dr Jim Chalmers has resisted calls to extend the cut, citing the cost to the national budget.

“The fuel excise reduction is too expensive to continue given the budget is absolutely heaving with a trillion dollars in Liberal debt,” said a spokesperson for Dr Chalmers.

Ms Baragud said she started putting money aside for fuel when costs hiked recently but said a significant future price rise, like the reinstallation of the fuel excise, would still be a shock to her budget.

“We’ll probably have to start saving now,” she said.

Extracted in full form: Cairns fuel price drop has motorists like Josephine Baragud filling up | The Cairns Post