A Coles Express fuel station in Ringwood East has lost nearly half a million dollars after a worker realised he had poured up to 40,000 litres of unleaded fuel into a diesel tank.

The station turned off the diesel fuel pumps after the error was made on Thursday night with no customer affected.

Ringwood East Coles express petrol station.

Ringwood East Coles express petrol station.

The fuel delivery worker fortunately realised he had poured the wrong fuel in and made sure that the pumps were closed immediately.

On Saturday morning, workers were on site for hours taking the mixed fuel out and cleaning the 40,000 litre tank.

Fuel delivery drivers routinely restock tanks when they get down to 10,000 litres.

The cost of the error will be made up of the 30,000 litres approximately poured into the diesel tank, the cost to remove the fuel from the tank and the cleaning costs.

Extracted in full from: Coles Express employee pours half a million dollars of petrol into the wrong tank | Herald Sun