A huge new development has been proposed for an Ipswich site including temporary accommodation, a fast food restaurant and petrol station, creating dozens of jobs.

Developer Con Bassili of GAC Holdings lodged an application with Ipswich City Council to build a 24-hour service station, fast food premises, three warehouses and a 32-unit motel at 25 Greenwood Village Rd, Redbank Plains.

Plans for the 5.05ha site showed a service station building integrated with an adjoining, as yet undisclosed, fast food tenancy with a 295 sqm floor area and drive-through.

The service station would have four refuelling dispensers with eight filling positions, plus two underground diesel and unleaded fuel tanks.

Three buildings including a reception and office, three-storey motel and three retail warehouse tenancies would be constructed.

All of them would operate between 6.30am and 10pm, seven days a week.

“The motel includes three levels of four units and four levels of five units, with a combined 32 units of proposed temporary accommodation,” the plans read.

“Aboveground carparking is provided under the accommodation building and along the northern boundary.

“The motel will include a reception and manager’s residential office (along) the Greenwood Village Rd frontage.”

A total of 147 car parking spaces, including six for people with disabilities, were proposed for the service station, fast food, and warehouse developments, with 91 at the motel.

The site is vacant and covered in dense vegetation and powerlines, meaning new paths to and from Greenwood Village Rd would have to be established.

“Due to the power easement and the servicing requirements of the site, the main circulation road has been designed as a median divided road with two lanes per direction,” the plans stated.

“This road forms a four-way intersection with the circulation aisles to the storage warehouses, service station and fast food premises, which is facilitated by an internal roundabout …

“Another four-way intersection is formed between the circulation aisle running north to south and the accesses to the northern storage warehouses and the service station fast food premises.”

The development application is now with Ipswich City Council for review.

Extracted in full from: Inside plans for service station, motel at Greenwood Village Rd, Redbank Plains | The Courier Mail