Plans for a new 24-hour Vibe service station, convenience store and single-vehicle car wash in Bayswater have approved by State planners.

Metro Inner-North Joint Development Assessment Panel members apart from City of Bayswater councillors Catherine Ehrhardt and Josh Eveson approved the plans on Tuesday put forward by landowner P & J Long Pty Ltd for 120 Beechboro Road South in Bayswater.

“I’m satisfied with the traffic movement based on the information provided and the development is appropriate in its local context, so I’m supportive of the development,” presiding panel member Francesca Lefante said.

The site is currently home to an industrial building which was formerly used for the manufacture, service repair and sale of boat trailers.

Single homes and grouped dwellings are opposite the site on the western side of Beechboro Road South.

But Pasquale Minnit — whose son’s business Platinum Automotive Sales is next door — told panel members he had “strong concerns” about the service station.

“It will be a traffic hazard and dangerous to have flammable fuel stored next to a car yard,” he said.

Transcore managing director Behnam Bordbar said there would be virtually “no impact at all” on the car yard business from traffic using the service station.

“There will be significant spare capacity that the service station would have to act on if there was any increased traffic,” he said.

Mr Minnit said there was “no point in objecting to something” because people would “do what they want”.

The site is one lot south of Beechboro Road South’s intersection with Collier Road and contains two crossovers which are proposed to be upgraded and used as a result of the development.

No large vehicles including delivery trucks will be permitted to turn right from the development on to Beechboro Road South.

“I’m comfortable traffic and traffic safety, queueing and access components have been considered and resolved through the application and its conditions,” third specialist panel member Jason Hick said.

Extracted in full from: State planners approve plans for 24-hour service station, convenience store and car wash in Bayswater | PerthNow