Millions of Australians will no longer need to remember their Coles grocery receipts when fuelling up under a major revamp rolled out by Flybuys.

The loyalty program announced on Wednesday it had launched a nationwide Digital Fuel Dockets system, allowing shoppers to do away entirely with their physical receipts.

Flybuys members will still be able to claim eight points or save four cents on their fuel per litre, as per their regular docket deal, but will just need to scan their Flybuys card.

Once the Digital Fuel Docket is activated in the Flybuys app, the card will be loaded with the member’s offer depending on whether they selected points or a fuel discount.

Coles shoppers who spend more than $30 qualify for a Shell Coles Express Digital Fuel Docket which automatically become available through the app after their transaction.

Shoppers could also choose to pick up the free product offer at Shell Coles Express instead of the fuel offer when redeeming their Digital Fuel Dockets.

The exclusive in-store product offer is available for members redeeming a Digital Fuel Docket on their Flybuys app at Shell Coles Express stores between August 31 and March 1.

The offers are subject to change from time to time.

The nationwide rollout followed a successful trial undertaken in Western Australia last year.

“The 4 cents off per litre discount is a key way that Coles Express offers value to our customers, and now, it will be easier than ever for them to redeem without having to remember their receipts from our supermarkets,” executive general manager of Coles Express Michael Courtney said.

“We’re excited that the Digital Fuel Docket will provide customers more choice and make it more convenient for customers to redeem.”

Flybuys chief executive officer Anna Lee said the scheme would offer members an easier way to get discounted petrol.

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