The cost of petrol has been crippling many of us for a while now. But this new feature could help you save serious cash.

The RACV (Royal Auto Club of Victoria) has had an app called arevo for a while now. But it’s the new ‘Fuel Finder’ feature that has really piqued our interest.

The Fuel Finder element helps users save money at the bowser by providing regularly updated, specific fuel pricing from retailers across Victoria (previously prices were provided in price ranges, not specific prices).

The Fuel Finder includes an interactive map that allows users to browse and compare prices at petrol stations – meaning they can make educated choices on where to fill up.


The Fuel Finder feature on the RACV arevo app.
The Fuel Finder feature on the RACV arevo app.

RACV General Manager Mobility Elizabeth Kim said the new feature would make it easier for Victorians to save money.

“The updates are particularly timely given the high costs of fuel at the moment. Recent data from the Australian Automobile Association revealed that in the second quarter of 2022, Melburnians were paying an average of $97.29 in fuel every week. This represents a $24.68 increase from the same period in 2021.

“There are often substantial price variances for fuel even in the same suburb or town. By using the Fuel Finder in the arevo app, you will be able to shop around for the best deal for fuel anywhere and at any time.”

Ms Kim said that the arevo app is completely free to use, including the new Fuel Finder feature. The app’s other features including journey planning covers various transport modes, not just cars, and has been designed and developed by Victorians to help users get around more sustainably, conveniently, and affordably.

The Fuel Finder in the arevo app will allow users to personalise their search options by filtering their preferred types of fuel and retailers of choice, and to sort by lowest prices and shortest travel distances. It covers fuel prices in both the Melbourne metropolitan area and regional Victoria.

“Once you set up your custom searches for your local area, the arevo app will save all of your settings and deliver regularly-updated data,” she said.

“Knowing when and where to fill up will ultimately mean more money in your pocket at a time when many people are feeling cost of living pressures.”

Extracted in full from: Where to find cheap petrol: RACV arevo app’s fuel finder is the new secret weapon |