A Sydney petrol station owner has reached out to the young men he alleges robbed his petrol station twice during the last month in Sydney’s inner-west.

In a post shared to a community Facebook group on Monday, Ali Faraz shared the heartbreaking news that his Haberfield business, in Sydney’s inner-west, had been robbed overnight.

“At the Haberfield metro servo, a group of youths tried to enter the shop in the servo, and then they stole a letter off the sign “WORLD BURGER,” Mr Faraz wrote.

The post featured a photo of a young man captured on CCTV on the night of the robbery.

Though rather than use the page to call-out or shame the young men, Mr Faraz chose to offer up some kind words.

“My dear young fellas in the video, sooner or later, you’re going to start a job in this community,” he said.

“Those businesses that are struggling right now – like us – may be options for you”

Mr Faraz opened up his heart to the young men sharing the financial struggles he has faced trying to keep his business afloat while trying to save for his family.

“We collect dollar by dollar to pay our rent, materials, wages, council rates, etc,” he said.

“If we are lucky, we get some money for our family (that hasn’t happened yet).”

“Please do not steal from us, as we cannot afford it.

This is the second time the business has allegedly been robbed in the space of a month, with Mr Faraz posting that cash had been stolen on August 20.

“There will be no job opportunities for anyone – if everyone does what you do,” Mr Faraz said.

“I hope you get enough money from your dad to start something big”

“Nevertheless, I’m certain you won’t want others to do what you did to us to you.”

NCA Newswire has contacted NSW Police for comment.

Extracted in full form: Petrol station manager’s message to thieves after two robberies | PerthNow