Motorists on their way in and out of Wagga will soon have another spot to fill up with fuel, following the approval of a $2.5 million service station just off the Sturt Highway.

Wagga City Council has given the green light for the construction of an Ampol service station at 26 Houtman Street in East Wagga.

The development will include four double-sided fuel pumps, meaning up to eight vehicles will be able to fill up at any given time.

Works will also include the construction of a 200 square metre convenience store and 11 on-site parking spaces.

The fuel stop will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will employ two staff throughout the week, and one on weekends and overnight.

Two new driveways will be built to allow vehicles travelling west along the Sturt Highway to access the site.

The business will be just 500 metres away from two other petrol stations – a BP truck stop and United service station.

Once constructed, it will be the 11th in operation along the stretch of the Sturt Highway which passes through Wagga.

This number could then rise to 12 if the Liberty petrol station currently proposed for 232-236 Hammond Avenue also receives council approval.

The amount of servos along the city’s major thoroughfare has confused some residents, who don’t believe there is sufficient demand for the fuel stops.

In 2019, a development application was approved for the construction of $4 million of industrial warehouses on the lot, however no works ever began. The 13,000 square metre lot was then sold for $1.8 million in 2021.

Extracted in full from: Wagga City Council approve $2.5m Ampol petrol station in East Wagga | The Daily Advertiser | Wagga Wagga, NSW