Politicians talk big on taking action on crime, and it is not everyday that an alleged offender will be taken down by a member of parliament.

NT Police said Blain MLA Mark Turner helped arrest a young man acting erratically and dangerously at a service station in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Northern Watch Commander Josh Cunningham confirmed Mr Turner and Neptune Security manager Andy Price were driving along the Stuart Highway when they noticed unusual activity at the Pinelands United Service Station.

Mr Cunningham said a man in his 20s was allegedly “playing with a fuel bowser”.

“He had it pulled out, he was trying to squirt fuel everywhere and possibly may have been inhaling or drinking it,” he said.

Mr Turner told the NT News said he believed he saw a lighter and feared any spark could level the entire building and surrounding areas.

“I knew from my previous career as a police officer that the fireball and explosion damage from the service station explosions could be immense,” Mr Turner said.

Mr Cunningham said the former police officer turned politician tried to speak to the young man, while the servo staff called police.

“Mark tried to calm this gentleman down, who has become increasingly aggressive,” Mr Cunningham said.

“As a result he and Andy arrested the male, and we arrived shortly thereafter.”

Mr Cunningham said there was damage to the front windows of the business, but no one was injured.

While citizens are able to make arrests, Mr Cunningham said it was not recommended for their own safety.

“Mark Turner is quite a big fella, and can handle himself OK,” he said.

Mr Turner confirmed his involvement in the service station arrest, with the former police officer adding it had “made me realise I’m getting too old to fight with people half my age covered in fuel”.

It is not the first time a politician has taken down an alleged offender.

Then-justice minister John Elferink attempted to arrest a drunk Irishman in 2012.

Mr Elferink, also a former police officer, was holding a press conference about proposed one-punch assault legislation when the 24-year-old kicked him in the bum.

Mr Elferink attempted to hold his assailant until police arrived, but he escaped and was later arrested.

Mr Elferink also made back-to-back citizen’s arrests in 2014, after intervening in an alleged domestic violence incident and an alleged drunken assault.

Extracted in full from: https://www.ntnews.com.au/truecrimeaustralia/police-courts-nt/blain-mla-mark-turner-involved-in-citizens-arrest-at-pinelands-service-station/news-story/7e625dc90487c4f2ff3e92d5c598f45c