The first BP electric vehicle fast-charger has gone online in Melbourne’s north-east, heralding the oil and gas giant’s entry into the EV space in Australia.

The facility is located at the Diamond Creek BP on the outskirts of Melbourne, and is part of the fossil fuel major’s BP Pulse initiative that includes a deal with Brisbane-based Tritium to install almost 1,000 of its charges across Australia and New Zealand.

The BP Pulse operation already runs 8,700 rapid and ultra-fast points in the UK, and has ambitions to grow its EV charging network to 70,000 by 2030.

The new EV fast-charger at Diamond Creek is a 75kWh RTM75 from Tritium, and is – at least for the moment – free for users.

It’s already in use. Eight EV drivers so far have checked in on Plugshare, and are giving the charging site a good rap.

Easy to operate and reasonable speed,” said one. “Started at 58kw dropped to 46 and after a few minutes is consistent at 60kw. Thanks BP for setting up a charger in this area.”

Well done BP pulse,” said another.

While the charging location is for the moment free, it is certain that a payment system will be implemented in the future.

BP head of customers and products Emma Delaney said in January that the oil giant expects its EV charging division to become more profitable than its petrol stations.

As fuel prices continue to head north and an EV transition passes a tipping point, as predicted on Wednesday by Bloomberg, it  makes sense that charging stations eventually become the main source of energy, at least for passenger vehicles.

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