In this early phase of electric vehicle adoption in Australia, drivers are still faced with the challenge of not only finding a public charger but finding the right public charger for their car.

An update to the Google Maps app – available on both Apple and Android operating systems – has made this a bit easier, allowing you to filter by charger and plug type to narrow down your search.

Using the Google Maps app on your phone, search for “ev charging stations” and you’ll be presented with a number of filters including FAST CHARGE, which identifies 50kW and faster DC chargers, and CHOOSE PLUGS to select chargers that correspond to your car.

The features also work on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, with the filters selected on your phone translating to the search results provided in the car.

For example, by configuring for a CCS DC (Type-2 combo) and selecting Fast-Chargers, your results will only show potential destinations that support this type of charging.

You can quickly clear the filters on your phone to see the full list of charging options too.

Extracted in full form: Google Maps adds electric vehicle fast-charger search support – Drive