ydney motorists are being urged to fill up now, as petrol prices start to rise ahead of the Christmas holidays.

Prices have reached $2.07 per litre in some parts of the city, data from Compare the Market found, with more than 40 stations across Sydney charging $2.05 per litre for Unleaded 91.

Compare the Market’s Chris Ford said Sydney drivers have a small window of opportunity to nab cheaper petrol prices before they skyrocket.

“The new high price mark hit price boards over the weekend and since then, the number of stations at that high mark has doubled,” Ford said.

“This will now very likely continue into Christmas, so it is best to fill up now while cheaper fuel is available.”

The average price of Unleaded 91 is currently $1.69 per litre in Sydney, but there can be a big difference in cost depending on where you fill up.

“We know that certain locations around Sydney are typically more expensive than others,” Ford said.

“For example, prices at service stations along the major arterial roads tend to be higher, with convenience likely playing a major factor in higher prices.

“Retailers want your business, which is why you’ll usually be able to find lower prices nearby or even slightly up the road.”

How to save on fuel

There is currently a 53-cent per litre difference between the cheapest and most expensive petrol stations in Sydney, the data found. That’s a potential saving of $26.50 to fill up a 50-litre tank.

Ford recommended using fuel comparison apps to track down lower prices in your area. The NSW government offers the FuelCheck app. There are also non-government apps on offer, including Motormouth, Fuel Map and Petrol Spy, plus tools from NRMA and Compare the Market.

“Plenty of deals and discounts are also available through major supermarkets, roadside assistance programs and rewards schemes,” he said.

Extracted in full from: Petrol prices reach $2.07: ‘Fill up now’ (yahoo.com)