Pure Hydrogen continues to advance its ambitions for the hydrogen economy, showcasing the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell double-decker city bus.

The bus is on loan from Hong Kong Public Transport and was brought to Australia to demonstrate the technology, which is also used in the prime mover the company is trialling with PepsiCo and the garbage collection vehicle for JJ’s Waste and Recycling.

Pure Hydrogen (ASX:PH2) has also added the distributorship of this double-decker bus to its offering, which also includes hydrogen fuel cell prime movers and waste collection vehicles, bringing them to market with end-customers through trial programs.

Orders are now being taken, with deliveries expected within nine months.

“In Australia we are now witnessing a distinct shift in the commercial vehicle market with growing demand and uptake for buses, heavy haul transport and waste collection vehicles, with operators now looking to integrate hydrogen-fuelled vehicles into their fleets,” managing director Scott Brown said.

“As the distributor that has exposure to all these transport markets, we can package buses or trucks with hydrogen at a very competitive price compared to diesel over the life of these assets.”

Building the hydrogen economy

Besides its push to drive consumer adoption of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, the company is also leading the charge towards becoming the lowest cost supplier of hydrogen in Australia by leveraging technology and supply from its emerald and turquoise manufacturing hubs.

Pure Hydrogen is currently developing its first emerald hydrogen plants at Moreton Bay, Queensland, which is expected to be Australia’s first back-to-base refuelling station once it is operational in the fourth quarter of 2023.

It also expects to start development of a turquoise hydrogen pilot plant in the second quarter of 2023 with a commercial plant planned for 2024.

Extracted in full from: Pure Hydrogen hits road with world’s first double-deck hydrogen fuel cell bus | The Australian