Convenience store franchiser 7-Eleven said on Tuesday that it would display a new concept metaverse store for the first time in the industry together with Lotte Data Communication and Caliverse at CES 2023, a home appliance and info tech trade show held in Las Vegas, from Thursday.

7-Eleven plans to highlight the introduction of next-generation digital transformation services and showcase various flagship items through the opening of its Active Mobility Pop-up Store.

The metaverse store, which will be disclosed at CES 2023, is an immersive virtual reality space located in Hub World, the core city of the hyper-realistic metaverse under development by Caliverse, and can be visited through VR devices and new concept displays.

While the existing metaverse stores are focused on games and social networking, 7-Eleven’s metaverse store is characterized by realistic graphics and being able to participate in various activities.

At the metaverse store, avatars can eat and drink the main items sold in 7-Eleven, such as 7Cafe, Triangle Kimbap, and Slurpee.

In addition, by evolving from an indirect experience through avatars, users can observe changes in avatars and objects around them and experience fun elements, such as seeing changes in hair color after drinking a cool drink or using soft ice cream as a bright cheerleading flag pole at a concert venue.

Extracted in full form: 7-Eleven shows off first realistic metaverse store at CES 2023 – KED Global