New tax breaks can save some Australians tens of thousands of dollars when buying electric vehicles, but motoring experts say those cars might be difficult to get, with waiting lists blowing out.

Late last year, the federal government introduced tax concessions for electric vehicles purchased on a novated lease, where buyers sacrifice part of their salary through their employer to pay for the loan.

Andrew Kerr, director of sales and marketing at novated leasing company Inside Edge, said the change had essentially removed the fringe benefits tax (FBT) liability that would previously have had to be paid, and which still applied to fuel vehicles.

“The recent changes have removed the FBT liability, therefore enabling all costs to be paid for in pre-tax dollars,” he said.

Inside Edge analysis showed that while someone buying a Toyota RAV4, for example, would save about $10,000 using a novated lease compared to a personal loan, if they purchased MG’s ZG electric wagon at a comparable pricefor a similar loan time, they would save more than $20,000.

At the luxury end of the car market, the differences are even starker.