NanoSUN’s mobile refueling stations will be distributed to H2 Hauler’s customers.

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) that was signed between NanoSUN and H2 Hauler will result in the delivering of hydrogen transport, storage and dispensing for temporary site applications in Australia using NanoSUN’s ground-breaking hydrogen refueling solutions.

The pioneer refueling stations will allow for safe and affordable on-site H2 storage and refueling.

The UK-based NanoSUN is a world-leading engineering company that is committed to developing, manufacturing, and commercializing its hydrogen refueling solutions for its customers in the industrial gases, oil and gas, and transport sectors.

The recent agreement inked with Australian company H2 Hauler (a designer and manufacturer of tube trailers to industry for compressed hydrogen transport and storage), will see NanoSUN’s mobile Pioneer refueling stations distributed to H2 Hauler’s customers throughout Australia. This will provide these customers with hydrogen transport and access to safe, efficient, and affordable hydrogen storage and refueling directly on site.

The hydrogen transport, storage and refueling collaboration will help to match Australia’s H2 demand with H2 supply.

Since the release of its National Hydrogen Strategy in 2019, Australia has announced major investments in hydrogen fuel, with green hydrogen being the focal point of the nation’s growth plan to establish a clean economy. As such, the country is in a prime position to become a global leader in green H2 production. However, sufficient hydrogen supply is required to meet this demand.

To help match hydrogen demand with hydrogen supply, H2 Hauler and NanoSUN will provide Pioneer Stations to support the various hydrogen sources and users to help establish scale at a rapid pace.

“H2 Hauler is very excited to have the opportunity to bring NanoSUN’s innovative hydrogen refuelling products to Australia,” said Tyson Cooney, H2 Hauler’s CEO. “This relationship is a further step towards ensuring Australia has the right technologies and solutions as it moves towards becoming a leader in the green hydrogen industry.”

Also commenting on the new partnership in a company news release, Charlie Clegg, NanoSUN’s Sales & Marketing Director, explained that NanoSUN’s expertise in hydrogen refueling equipment combined with H2 Hauler’s expertise in hydrogen transport and gas projects will enable affordable H2 refueling for potential regional customers to advance the adoption of the clean fuel in Australia.

“Working with H2 Hauler allows us to make further progress in our global mission to make zero-emission transportation and mobility a reality,” said Clegg.

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