Despite large price jumps across the city, Sydneysiders can still get cheap fuel if they’re prepared to seek it out.

The price of petrol has jumped by 27 per cent in some areas of Sydney, but a quick search for the cheapest fuel in your area can save motorists money.

Fuel stations in the greater Sydney region have increased prices from approximately 175 cents per litre to more than 210 cents per litre in the past week, for standard unleaded petrol.

But at some fuel stations, unleaded is as cheap as 159.5 cents per litre, according to Petrol Spy.

With an average 55-litre fuel tank, filling up at one of the more expensive petrol stations could cost you almost $30 more.

Saving just $20 per week by shopping around for the best price adds up to more than $1000 each year.

NRMA spokesperson Peter Khoury told Drive price cycles – where fuel prices rise and fall depending on the day of the week – are unique to Australia, and aren’t found in any other country.

“What you’re seeing in terms of the increases right now is driven by the price cycles,” he said.

“On any given day in Sydney, the gap between the cheapest and the most expensive can be upwards of 55 cents per litre.”

Despite the large price differential, the average price of unleaded remains at 169.8 cents per litre for Sydney.

The weekly national average, however, is much higher – sitting at 175.5 cents per litre for unleaded, while diesel costs an average of 205.4 cents per litre across the country.

Both WTI and Brent crude oil prices continue to hover around the $US80 mark, and the Australian wholesale petrol price has remained stable for three months, according to data published by the Australian Institute of Petroleum.

Extracted in full form: Pockets of Sydney hit with 27 per cent jump in petrol prices – Drive