A new analysis of submissions to the government’s National Electric Vehicle Strategy has revealed overwhelming support for a legislated Fuel Efficiency Standard for light vehicles in Australia, says Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

The analysis, released by Greenpeace Australia Pacific, reviewed 212 submissions from organisations – including motoring associations, NGOs and big businesses – to the consultation, and found an overwhelming majority (73%) supported the introduction of a fuel efficiency standard.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific campaigner Joe Rafalowicz said the overwhelming support from the community should serve as a firing gun for Minister for Transport Catherine King and Minister for Climate Change Chris Bowen to accelerate the race to clean up our transport system.

“The Federal Government is in pole position: it has support from its stakeholders and everything it needs to get racing on implementing an ambitious fuel efficiency standard,” he said.

“The test for the government will be ensuring new standards have ambition, integrity and equity. To be effective at reducing emissions from transport, the standard cannot be riddled with loopholes, so-called ‘super credits’ or other special favours to big car companies.”

Key findings:

  • Of the 212 submissions from organisations, 73% were in favour of a fuel efficiency standard (FES) for light vehicles, none opposed
  • Six influential motoring groups made submissions – the AAA, NRMA, RAA, RACQ, RA-WA and RACV – all in favour of a FES
  • 42 business lobby groups made submissions – 52% supported a FES for light vehicles, none opposed
  • 70 businesses made submissions – 77% supported a FES
  • 52 community groups and NGOs made submissions – 80% supported a FES
  • Nine academic bodies made submissions – 78% supported a FES
  • Two unions (AMWU, ETU) made submissions – 100% supported a FES
  • Three MPs (Allegra Spender, Klyea Tink, Zoe Daniel) made submissions – 100% supported a FES
  • No submissions from any organisation, company or stakeholder group opposed the introduction of a FES for light vehicles

Australia currently ranks alongside Russia as one of the only developed economies without fuel efficiency standards, which require car manufacturers to limit climate pollution from the cars they produce.

“Strong fuel efficiency standards – like those in New Zealand and Europe – lower the cost of transport for the average Australian and will increase the availability of electric vehicles,” Mr Rafalowicz said.

“With the price of fuel and the cost of living still skyrocketing, everyday Australians need their government to step up and move on this policy now.

“Transport is the third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia, and polluting, inefficient cars are running out of gas. A fuel efficiency standard can’t be parked any longer.”

Extracted in full from: Public Supports Fuel Efficiency Standards, Analysis Reveals | Mirage News