A childcare centre, a fast food chain and a service station will soon occupy a major site in Leppington after the $28.4m development plans were given the green light.

Camden Council approved the application which will see a 7/11 service station, a 120-place childcare centre, and a McDonald’s constructed at 96 Rickard Road, Leppington after plans were submitted by the Stevens Group.

The approved proposal is stage one of a masterplan for the site, while an office and business premises, hotel, health facility and two food and drink premises will be constructed as part of future stages, subject to separate applications being lodged.

Jason Capuano, development director at the Stevens Group, said the second part of the masterplan was still in its early stages.

A 24/7 McDonald’s will be built at the site in Leppington.

A 24/7 McDonald’s will be built at the site in Leppington.

“We will do some further consultation with the market and operators into how it looks whether it’s a medical centre or a gym and wellness proposal,” he said.

“We will deal with that more likely with the completion of the subdivision.”

Mr Capuano said they had worked hard to ensure the major development would fit in with other projects being completed.

“It was designed to be a bit of a gateway and architectural feature to the North Leppington Town Centre,” he said.

“After some consultation with council, we engaged the same architect that designed the Woolworths that is under construction so it provides a consistent theme.”

According to the development application, the approval for the McDonald’s includes the construction, fit-out and use of part of the site.

The popular fast-food chain will have two drive-thru lanes, and will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week including public holidays.

The 7/11 will also operate 24 hours a day, everyday with fuel tanker and store deliveries between 6am and midnight.

The childcare centre will operate from 6am to 6pm on Monday to Friday to provide hours that suit the needs of employees within the Leppington Major Centre.

An overall view of the masterplan which is being developed in two stages.

An overall view of the masterplan which is being developed in two stages.

Catering to more than 100 children, the centre will provide for 20 children aged zero to two, 60 aged two to three and 40 aged three and over.

According to documents submitted to the council, the capital investment value is estimated to be $28,411,094.

According to Camden Council, much of the community that will live in the Camden local government area in 2036 does not live there today.

In a report released last year, it was revealed the LGA is forecast to be home to a 119 per cent increase in population in 14 years.

An artist impression of stage two of the development.

An artist impression of stage two of the development.

Mr Capuano said Leppington, particularly in the north, had undergone rapid development as the population in southwest Sydney continued to boom.

“Leppington North has got the train station which then provides a bit of a catalyst for transport infrastructure and then residential growth follows,” he said.

“Convenience centres like this one that provide local amenities to residents are needed, so rapid residential growth drives commercial growth.”

Mr Capuano said they would be completing the detailed designs soon with the hope to start construction of the subdivision later this year, and the buildings of stage one finished in late 2024.

Extracted in full from: Stevens Group plans for 7/11, McDonald’s, childcare centre at Leppington approved | Daily Telegraph