A man has been fined for using a council power box to recharge his electric vehicle in WA’s Great Southern region.

Mt Barker Police shared a snap of Sunday’s pitstop, where authorities say the man’s vehicle was topped up by shire power.

“If you want to recharge your e-vehicle, DON’T steal the electricity to do so,” police said.

“Police will prosecute in EVERY instance.”

On this occasion, the driver, reported as a 78-year-old from nearby Cranbrook, was fined $500 for stealing from the shire, with police telling motorists to “be better”.

There are multiple charging stations around Mt Barker and Cranbrook, including two in between the towns.

The reaction to the fine was mixed online, with some arguing the driver should have planned their trip around suitable charging stations and others claiming the fine was excessive.

“This is precisely why owning an electric car in Western Australia is both pointless and dangerous, unless of course you never leave the city,” one person said.

“It’s remarkable that the first port of call for the shire is to issue a fine, rather than a query as to why they chose that location to recharge and an invoice for the consumption.”

Another claimed the $500 fine “will teach him”.

WA’s EV Network

In November the WA Government announced construction had started on the “world’s longest electric vehicle highway”.

The WA EV Network will stretch from Kununurra in the north, Esperance in the south and Eucla in the east.

The $20 million project extends more than 6,600km and will include 98 EV charging stations at 49 locations.

“There will be no more than 200km between each charger, reducing range anxiety and allowing electric vehicle owners to explore our amazing state,” Energy Minister Bill Johnston said at the time.

Extracted in full from: WA electric vehicle driver fined $500 for stealing power from shire to top up car | 7NEWS