Holy cow!

An udderly bizarre emergency operation had to be launched on Sunday.

An above-ground bovine perched atop some Byford browsers had to be removed.

The large fibre-glass sacred cow was spotted on the roof of the Vibe service station on South Western Highway.

And while that sight was strange enough, the weather meant it was at risk of blowing off — so authorities were alerted, and locals also put a call out for anyone who might be able to moooove the beast from the roof.

A cherry picker was then employed to lower the plastic livestock from its temporary herding station.

And locals gave the authorities a hand in bringing the not-so livestock back down to earth — before giving those involved a round of applause.

The West Australian understands the fibre-glass stock find will be good news for the local school community.

The identity of the cow is believed to be “Moosli”, who went missing from a local primary school some weeks ago.

“The cow was taken from the (school) garden by some people who obviously don’t care about our children,” one onlooker said.

“And now she is down which is lovely, and she is back, which is great. She can go back to the school and be repainted.”

Extracted in full from: Cow rescued from Byford Vibe petrol station roof by police, SES | PerthNow