An old service station in Mulgrave Street, Gin Gin will be redeveloped into a new fuel stop including a food and drink facility after a development application was recently approved.

The Material Change of Use (Service Station and Food and Drink Outlet) from applicant Chevron Downstream Fuels Australia Pty Ltd was submitted to Bundaberg Regional Council last month.

Now approved, the existing service station/truck stop facility on Mulgrave Street will be enhanced to feature:

  • A food and drink outlet
  • Caltex service station building
  • separate refuelling areas for both heavy and light vehicles
  • three underground fuel tanks and associated car parking and landscaping.
  • access to the service station/truck-stop facility will be via three existing crossovers onto Bruce Highway/ Mulgrave Street at appropriate separation distances along the road
  • a dedicated truck egress cross-over , separate to the main site entry / exit, for traffic safety purposes
  • 25 formal car parks in total including one space for persons with disabilities and two spaces for air/water
  • car refuelling canopy over four refuelling dispensers with eight filling positions for general vehicles
  • 24 hours, seven days a week operation

A new service station with attached food and drink outlet has been proposed for Gin Gin.

Extracted in full from: Gin Gin service station redevelopment approved – Bundaberg Now