A Queensland business has revealed how 6000 litres of diesel accidentally found its way into part of the lower Mary River system, resulting in a fish kill and a $10,000 fine.

A Maryborough company has been fined more than $10,000 after accidentally releasing about 6000 litres of diesel into a lagoon, a tributary of Mary River.

According to an official clean-up notice issued by the Department of Environment and Science, in July 2022, the contamination incident happened at Persal & Co Power Pty Ltd in Morning St, when the diesel was released into a stormwater drain, but the spill was contained before it reached the Mary River.

“No harm was caused to the Mary River,” a spokesman from the department said.

According to the documents, the contaminated lagoon was adjacent to residential properties.

The contamination in the lagoon extended about 175m downstream of the stormwater inlet, where diesel had entered the lagoon.

Dead fish were observed by Fraser Coast Regional Council officers in this section of impacted water.

In August, 2022, officers from the department attended the site and saw that clean-up was progressing with the use of pumps and skimmers, but further clean-up was needed to remove the contaminants and remediate in the impacted waterbody.

That work had since been carried out.

“DES issued a Clean Up Notice to the company, which was fully complied with,” the spokesman said.

“This was verified by an independent third party in December 2022, as the final action under the notice.

“The company was also issued with a $10,781 infringement notice over the spill.”

A Persal spokesperson said the spill was caused by the “sudden and unforeseen failure of the pump attached to a diesel tank used to refill vehicles”.

“Immediate and urgent remediation action was taken by Persal (and) the spill was contained,” they said.

“Some diesel had escaped into a lagoon, which is part of the lower Mary River system.

“Persal engaged an environmental scientist to assist it meeting the clean up requirements of the Department of Environment and Science.

“On 15 December 2022 DES signed off that all remedial requirements had been met.

“No improvements were necessary given the circumstances, except for a replacement pump.”

Extracted in full from: Persal & Co Power fined $10,700 after diesel spill in lagoon near Mary River | The Courier Mail