ACAPMA has joined with Convenience World to launch the inaugural Australian Fuel and Convenience Awards. The Awards are motivated by our shared view that the P&C Industry, which employs more than 61,000 Australians and generates over $75B in revenue, is an industry that provides a vital service to the Australian economy and the efforts of the businesses that work within it are therefore worthy of recognition.

The Awards are an initiative of the National Petroleum and Convenience Retailers Council (NPCRC – Retailers & Suppliers Council – ACAPMA) who have worked diligently over the past 12 months to develop the programme.

“The Council’s primary focus when designing the national awards programme that was both credible and that did not duplicate the many awards programmes operated by individual fuel networks and businesses within our industry”, said ACAPMA CEO Mark McKenzie.

“The Council, and the ACAPMA Board, spent a considerable period of time discussing the purpose of the program and the need to ensure that the Awards provided ‘quiet recognition’ of businesses demonstrating operation excellence in the areas considered to be vital to the future reputation and operation of our industry”, said Mark.

The Australian Fuel and Convenience (F&C) Awards are designed to recognise P&C businesses (Retailers and Suppliers) and fuel supply businesses (Distributors and Wholesalers) that are making tangible contributions to the quality and future viability of the fuel and convenience industry in Australia.

Nominations for the 2023 F&C awards will be assessed against a total of five criteria. These criteria relate to the values that the NPCRC considered to be important to the ongoing reputation and wellbeing of the industry, namely:

1.       Compliance excellence: Demonstrating a wholesale commitment to wage, public safety,
and environmental protection via active compliance practices.

2.       Creating safe and healthy workplaces: Implementing actions that are specifically focussed on maintaining the safety, well-being and career development of the people that work within the business.

3.       Championing innovation: Demonstrating leadership in business innovation in a way that delivers tangible benefits for customers and staff.

4.       Delivering sustainable outcomes: Taking action to improve the environmental performance of their business (and the wider industry) in an economically sustainable manner.

5.       Community Spirit: Demonstrating exceptional leadership and support at a community level.

A total of 7 national Awards are on offer.

The first six awards will be made to businesses that can demonstrate operational excellence in one or more of the first 4 criteria cited above (NB. You need only be able to demonstrate excellence in at least one category to nominate for an Award). Two Awards will be offered in each of the three prize categories, namely:

The seventh (and final) Award will presented to the business (large or small) deemed to have demonstrated operational excellence in relation to the fifth criteria (Community Spirit).  All businesses in the first three categories will be eligible to apply for this final Award.

Nominations for the F & C Awards opened on 28 April 2023 and will officially close on Friday 2 June 2023. The Awards are open to all businesses operating in the Australian fuel industry – you do not need to be an ACAPMA Member or Convenience World subscriber to apply.

“Mindful of the work involved in preparing a nomination form, we have endeavoured to provide an application form that captures the information we need in an efficient manner – allowing us to collect additional information to verify the claims made in the event that a business is shortlisted for an Award”, said Mark.

“So, basically, if you haven’t submitted a nomination form for the 2023 Awards there is still time to do so”, said Mark.

Once applications close, the Judging panel will consider all nominations and prepare a shortlist of businesses for consideration. Members of the ACAPMA Secretariat and Convenience World will then visit the short-listed businesses with a view to validating the information provided in the nomination form prior to making recommendations to the NPCRC on the three finalists for each Award.

The Convenience World team will work with all finalists to prepare a short story on the business with a view to profiling these businesses in Convenience World’s August Edition.

All Finalists will be showcased, and Awards presented to the Winners at the 2023 APFI Forum Annual Gala Dinner in Brisbane, on Wednesday 6 September 2023. More details about the 2023 APFI Forum can be found at APFI Forum 2023 – Organised by ACAPMA

More information about the Fuel & Convenience Awards, including a downloadable copy of the nomination form and some short “Explainer Videos”, can be accessed at AFC Awards – APFI Forum 2023.

Alternatively, you can email