While NSW’s electric vehicle network enables more than 1,000 kilometres of travel from Broken Hill to Sydney, the much shorter journey to Adelaide is a different story.

With no Barrier Highway infrastructure in place, electric vehicle users must take their chances and detour through the Clare Valley, 394km from Broken Hill.

While some models can cover up to 500km, others can only do up to 400km.

It has led Broken Hill councillor Darriea Turley to write to the South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas and the SA government for help.

“For some of the leaders in Adelaide they may not realise the amount of traffic that is on the road from Adelaide to Broken Hill and beyond,” Cr Turley said.

“Sometimes governments need reminders that we’re here, it’s a road used more than any other I would imagine in South Australia in a lot of ways.”

Expansion of charging stations

There are plans to add a second charging station in Broken Hill due to public demand.

Meanwhile, an EV station planned by Tesla at Cockburn, 40 kilometres west of the city, has been put on hold.

“We just need the people that are going to manage it to help us put it in,” Cockburn Pub owner Ryan Esam said.

South Australia’s Royal Automobile Association (RAA) said plans were in place to add three charging stations between Broken Hill and Adelaide at Yunta, Peterborough and Burra.

The association’s electric vehicle charging program director, Andrew Howard, said the locations were chosen to provide the most benefits to regional communities.

“The RAA Charge network will be South Australia’s first border-to-border EV charging network, with locations on key regional highways selected to help drive regional tourism and provide the infrastructure for regional communities,” Mr Howard said.

“The final selection of sites is being informed by factors including nearby amenities, car parking, sufficient power supply and safety.”

Calls for a faster turnaround

The RAA said the charging network was scheduled to be completed next year.

But Cr Turley said she wanted the infrastructure work expedited and completed by the end of this year.

“Requests come from the community and travellers to put in place more charging stations,” she said.

Extracted in full from: SA electric vehicle network expansion to improve accessibility between Broken Hill, Adelaide – ABC News