• New Zealand will introduce a high-emission fee
  • Aussie drivers could face a similar fee

New Zealanders will soon have to pay thousands more to run the most polluting petrol cars, with warning signs a similar fee could be introduced in Australia as the push to go electric ramps up.

The country’s transport minister, Michael Wood, announced the country’s new high-emission vehicle fee on Tuesday.

The scheme will see petrol-guzzling vehicle buyers pay a one-off fee with the maximum for a new car sitting at $6,900, and $3,450 for used, if their car emits 192 or more grams of carbon per kilometre.

Much of Australia’s new electric vehicle policy under the Albanese government has been modelled on New Zealand and the European Union‘s legislation.

Greenpeace Australia senior campaigner Lindsay Soutar even called on the government to follow in the footsteps of New Zealand when forming its new fuel-efficiency standard.

‘From here, the task will be to implement strong standards in line with major markets like New Zealand,’ she said.

‘The government needs to deliver for Australian households and the climate, not big car makers.’

A future high-emission fee could be introduced as more electric cars become available on the second-hand market following the government’s 2022 fringe benefits tax exemption.

Extracted in full from: Tax on petrol cars in New Zealand: Can same happen in Australia? (msn.com)