A knife-wielding boy has caused havoc in a service station with staff revealing the drastic lengths they have taken to protect themselves.

CCTV showed the boy running rampant and kicking the counter at a BP service station on Katherine Terrace in Katherine, in the Northern Territory, on Sunday.

A staff member, who wished to remain anonymous, told Daily Mail Australia similar incidents have unfolded ‘every couple of days’ at the premises.

It comes as the Northern Territory grapples with a crime wave with assaults, break-ins and car thefts rife in the community.

A staff member at the service station said they have been forced to take matters into their own hands and arm themselves with anything they could find.

Terrifying moment young boy wields a knife at a service station

‘I’ve got fly spray behind the counter now and I’ve told staff to defend themselves any way they can,’ they said.

‘I don’t know if anyone working nights can currently can say they feel safe, but it helps to appear or be confident in your appearance.’

The staff member said the violent incidents were a regular occurrence.

‘It’s day-to-day life for us in here. Now we’ve got a perspex fishbowl built around us,’ they said.

Footage of the latest incident shows the knife-wielding boy pace back and forth in the service station while making aggressive gestures towards staff.

He repeatedly kicks the counter and a barrier separating staff from customers.

‘He tried to kick his way through, but it wasn’t happening,’ the staff member said.

CCTV footage seen exclusively by Daily Mail Australia shows the teenager tipping over display stands and throwing products to the ground and against the barrier.

A BP Australia spokesperson said no staff members were injured during the incident.

A staff member said the boy ‘just made a mess and scared the staff member working at the time’.

When the youth was not given anything he became impatient and began to kick the barrier around the counter. Eventually he gave up and waited for police to arrive, the servo manager told Daily Mail Australia

They added the kid may have been a teenager but they were ‘bigger than the guy behind the counter’.

Eventually when the attacker was not given cash he ‘went outside, sat down and waited outside for police to arrive’.

The same service station was the target of an alleged aggravated robbery on April 23.

NT Police allege four young people ‘armed with a knife and spear’ stole two tills from the business.

Aside from the enclosed barrier, the manager has told staff to use any means to protect themselves.

Daily Mail Australia contacted NT Police for comment.

The incident comes as a crime wave continues to run rampant throughout the state.

In January nationwide coverage of the crime wave led to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese visiting the territory.

He pledged funding to tackle crime, including $25 million for community services, $2 million for the Tangentyere Women’s Council, $2 million for high visibility police operations and $2 million for extra lighting and street lamps for the area.

Extracted in full from: Horrifying moment knife-wielding boy storms into a service station in Katherine, Northern Territory | Daily Mail Online