Convenience retailer 7-Eleven is expanding its presence in Western Australia with the opening of its Dalyellup store in Tiffany Centre – the fourth store to open in the Bunbury area and the fifth in South West.

Since launching its first store in WA in 2014, the company has invested over $55 million in the region.

“We are incredibly proud of our multi-million dollar investment in Western Australia, which will see us continue to look for new opportunities with landlords and developers to open stores in the right locations to serve local communities,” said Nick Maddox, area lead of 7-Eleven South.

“Our team in Western Australia now includes approximately 600 people, with quite a number of the team growing in their careers with us through development and internal promotions.”

The new Dalyellup store will offer all-day convenience, daily deliveries of sandwiches, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, hot pastries, snacks, and treats. Customers can also avail freshly ground coffee, Slurpee, smoothies, and frappes.

In addition to its convenience products, Jocelin Lawson, team lead at 7-Eleven Dalyellup, said the store will also offer access to Mobil fuels via the My 7-Eleven App, including the Fuel Price Lock feature.

“It means customers can choose to fill up using the price they have locked in anytime that suits them,” she explained.

“As a bonus, the app has loyalty rewards, offers, and discounts and can be linked with your Velocity Frequent Flyer card to earn points.”

Extracted in full from: 7-Eleven continues regional expansion with Dalyellup store opening – Inside FMCG