An LVD electric van has just been added to the Coles Online delivery fleet of vehicles in Flagstone, Queensland.

The van – which has been nicknamed ‘Sparky’ – will be completing up to 240 orders a week, and is part of a trial to see how best to implement EVs into the Coles Online fleet.

“We are proud to introduce our first fully electric vehicle to our fleet of Coles Online delivery vans. Making around 40 deliveries to customers each day, the EV is a quieter, more efficient vehicle that produces fewer emissions than a petrol-powered vehicle,” said James Geddes, Coles General Manager of Online Network & Growth.

“With up to 20,000 Coles Online deliveries made 7 days per week across 95% of Australia, we are in a unique position to introduce more sustainable ways of delivering groceries to our customers. We look forward to using the insights gained from this trial to welcome more electric vans to our growing fleet around the country soon.”

The van is a Deliver 9 Cab Chassis, with a 65kWh battery and a payload of 1,960 kg.

Although the maximum range for the car is advertised as 150 km with a large box fitted, Sparky has been so far able to get up to 120 km per delivery run.  The Mitsubishi fridge box on the back of the van is separate and has its own battery system.

Coles Online has also recently finished a trial of electric fridges in their vans and have pledged to install them in 500 out of the 900 delivery vans in the next two years.

It also introduced ten delivery vans with solar powered electric fridges in Victoria and Queensland.

Although commercial vehicles such as vans and utes have been slow off the mark in Australia, we’re now starting to see more available.

Some companies like Australia Post have been able to electrify more of their fleet, with over 4,635 vehicles including electric bikes and three wheeled vehicles, as well as some larger trucks.

The Coles Online EV is part of a partnership with Custom Fleet.

“We are happy to partner with Coles on this positive sustainability initiative. These vans have zero tailpipe emissions and offer a reduction in noise pollution,” said CEO of Custom Fleet Chris Tulloch.

“They also need less maintenance and are more comfortable to drive due to less vibrations.”

Extracted in full from: “Sparky” – Coles Online rolls out its first fully electric van in Queensland trial (