A development application has been lodged for a Service Station, located at 1000 New Cleveland Road, Gumdale.

Designed by Verve Building Design CO, the proposal seeks to demolish the existing derelict building and construct a single storey building serving as an ancillary convenience shop. The proposed service station has a maximum build height of 8m, with other sections being considerably lower. This ensures the building constitutes a ‘low-rise’ design.

A drive through car wash, vacuum bays, and a dog wash will also be provided. The proposal furthermore involves a service station canopy covering four (4) double-sided fuel bowsers.


Development Details
– New site area: 16,860sqm
– Development Area: 3,103sqm
– Service Station GFA: 220sqm
– Car wash GFA: 30sqm
– Car fuel forecourt area: 220sqm
– Car wash tunnel area: 53sqm
– Dogwash area
– 14 parking spaces
– 4 vacuum bays
– Impervious areas: 2,800sqm
– Building Site Cover: 3.6%
– Acoustic fences placed throughout the site
– Hours of operation: 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

The site is identified as being subject to creek/waterway flooding, however, the proposed Service station will be engineered and partially suspended to ensure the development is afforded the appropriate level of flood immunity. The suspended areas are to be approximately 1.5 to 1.7m above natural ground level and be supported by piers and split block retaining walls.

The Jeff Nicholls Town Planning states, “All of the buildings are intended to be complemented with extensive landscaped areas around the periphery of the site to soften the built form, enhance visual amenity, and to provide for a ‘bushland feel’ in the largely open and semi-urban streetscape”.

“The development proposes well designed and engineered access arrangements from New Cleveland Road and Molle Road, and provides for an internal vehicle movement area that is functional, safe and efficient for cars, service vehicles and trucks”.

“The overall redevelopment of the site with the landscaping proposed, also provides for a significant visual improvement to the streetscapes along the New Cleveland and Molle Roads”.

“The development has been designed to be pedestrian and customer friendly by allowing centrally placed fuel bowsers with direct customer access to the new convenience shop”.

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Extracted in full from: Service Station & Car Wash – New Cleveland Road, Gumdale – Your Neighbourhood